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Can you handle large industrial jobs?

We are experts in the field of industrial and manufacturing facilities. We pride ourselves and stand behind our work in every facet of electrical construction, maintenance, and service. No matter the scope of the project, Hansen Electric can take on any challenge in the industrial electrical services field. We are equipped to handle a complete range of projects including manufacturing, retail, food service, office, educational, hotel/resort, food processing, manufacturing, healthcare, and many others.


Why is it important to have a licensed contractor working on my electrical project?


It is illegal to hire an unlicensed contractor for a construction project, and no protection is offered for the customer. It is also important for the contractor to have the proper insurance. Also, any building permits are required to be filed by a licensed electrical contractor.


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to perform effectively on any sized project. Whatever your next project requires, we have the resources and the organization to do the job at Hansen Electric.


Is your team experienced?


Installing, repairing, or providing electrical maintenance for your business is an important task that can be stressful for those without industrial electrical experience. Our team of professionals at Hansen Electric are ready to help with all of your industrial, and commercial electrical needs. We only hire the top professionals in our field. We require our employees to be at the top of their game, which is evident when you look at our client list.


We offer a full range of electrical services for businesses of all sizes and specialties throughout the United States. Our main priority is getting the job done in a timely manner, with safety and accuracy at the forefront. All of our employees have extensive training in electrical work. When you need a professional industrial or commercial electrical team for your business or manufacturing plant, Hansen Electric is the company for your project.


What do industrial electricians usually work on?


With all of our commercial and industrial electricians having years of experience and licensing, the main difference between commercial and industrial is their work environment. A commercial electrician will be best to work on your retail business, restaurant, office building, or the like. An industrial electrician, on the other hand, is more likely to be found in manufacturing plants and production facilities that have complex and sensitive electrical systems to run their machinery. Industrial electrical work can go from high voltage components to micro-currents. Like commercial electric work, industrial electrical is done using a three-phase power set-up. However, industrial electric work tends to use different materials than a commercial job would require. At Hansen Electric, we are qualified for all levels of electrical servicing - from wiring up a distribution center to upgrading an office building. Call us today and see how our services will benefit your company.


What Industrial Services do you offer?

  • AC and DC Wiring 

  • Power Distribution

  • Machine Wiring

  • Warehouse Lighting

  • Parking Lot/Site Lighting

  • Forklift Battery Charges

  • HVAC (Power and Control Wiring)

  • Facility Maintenance

  • CAT-5 Wiring

  • General Receptacles

  • Transformers

  • Generators

  • UPS Wiring

  • Computer Room Wiring

  • Motor Controls


What commercial services do you provide for your projects?

  • Office Wiring and Renovations

  • Health Care Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Correction Facilities

  • Primary and Secondary Services

  • Retail Spaces

  • Communications

  • Parking and Outdoor Lighting

  • CAT-5 Ethernet Wiring

  • UPS/Generator Back-up Systems

  • General Lighting

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